I captured Tyhilz’s sister, Qhama’s wedding, a few years ago, and felt honoured when he asked me to also capture his wedding ┬árecently. It was 45 degrees celcius in Fort Feaufort, but the intense heat didnt deter anyone from the excitment of witnessing the union of such a wonderful couple. Guests kept themselves cool under a large stretch tent. The reception was adjacent under an expansive white marquee, elegantly set up for over 300 guests, and beautifully decorated in subtle colours of cream, peach and light gold.

On my way to the ceremony, i drove over the historic Victoria Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in South Afica. Immediately my mind was set on using this location for the creative bridal photo shoot and incorporating a bit of this amazing history into their photo session. This multiple span arch bridge was built between 1837 and 1842. The foundation stone was laid by Lady Napier, the Governor’s wife on 25th November 1840 and constructed from local sand stone. It was fun to watch motorists, as well as a local traffic cop, stop to congratulate the happy couple and shake their hands whilst they were posing for me on this spectacular bridge.

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Tyhilz & Lieser