This beautiful little angel face belongs to proud mommy, Babalwa. I enjoyed every minute capturing these images of newborn Iyana, who was born on the 10 October 2016.¬†Her name has a beautiful meaning, a combination¬†of two family names; Iyana Imvula Yentsikelelo (it’s raining God’s blessings) and Uyintando (God’s Will) kaBawo. Indeed she is a little blessing and she even smiled in her sleep. The intimate photos between mommy and baby are so heartwarming – there is no stronger bond. Thank you Babalwa for choosing me to capture your little blessing – she is too beautiful for words.

baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2376 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2386 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2389 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2390 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2391 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2392 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2394 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2395a baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2397 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2398 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2399 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2400 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2402 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2403 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2404 baby-iyana-candice-dollery-photography_2408

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Baby Iyana